Fluids of Clusters in Attractive Colloids

TitleFluids of Clusters in Attractive Colloids, Physical Review Letters 96, 028306
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLu, Peter J., Jacinta C. Conrad, Hans M. Wyss, Andrew B. Schofield, and David A. Weitz

We show that colloidal particles with attractive interactions induced by a nonadsorbing polymer exhibit a stable phase consisting of a fluid of clusters of particles. This phase persists even in the absence of any long-range repulsion due to charge, contrary to expectations based on simulation and theory. Cluster morphology depends strongly on the range of the interparticle attraction: With a shorter range, clusters are tenuous and branched; with a longer range, they are more compact.

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Peter J. Lu  |  Harvard University  |  Cambridge, MA 02138 USA |  plu_at_fas.harvard.edu