Girih Tiles Projects

GeoPersia: Geometric Tiles

GeoPersia is a set of geometric tiles of metal and wood made for exploring the infinite possiblities and unique geometric characteristics of these shapes.

More at Geopersia's Facebook page, and Twitter account.

NASA: On Organization of Information, Approach and Early Work

This paper from NASA shows how a girih-like tiling pattern is used to organize controls in a cockpit engine control panel.

Penrose Tilings in Medieval Islamic Culture

This paper investigates the feasibility of girih tiles as a medieval construction technique, and studies cases where the architecture doesn't match the pattern.

Les tuiles Girih: de l'art islamique aux fractions

This article breaks down the angles in girih tiles into fractions.

"Perdita's Monastic Song" Animation

Matt Gilbert created a never-ending animation that shows the self-similar nature of a particular pattern found in Islamic architecture that uses girih tiles.

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