There's some really lovely math underlying Medieval Islamic architectural patterns-- check out my notes on… year 8 weeks ago
Lecture next week in NYC on #quasicrystal tilings in medieval #Islamic #architecture @ Inst. of Arab & Islamic Art: year 21 weeks ago
@csoccio Thank you for your support! — 1 year 39 weeks ago
@hintz @peterjameslu too bad for me... — 1 year 40 weeks ago
@panlepan @peterjameslu only Mac OS freely downloadable on my homepage — 1 year 40 weeks ago
@hintz @peterjameslu I looked for it on Android and didn't find it. Just iOS ? — 1 year 40 weeks ago
@panlepan @peterjameslu I laser cutted #Girih tiles too, but then I wrote the Girih App. year 40 weeks ago
Great page on #girih tiles. Link to @peterjameslu article in Science & gives laser cutting files to make the tiles.… year 40 weeks ago
@peterjameslu Thank you for this talk. Starting to get interested in the mathematics of islamic art. This makes it even more interesting. — 1 year 40 weeks ago
What beautiful buildings & tilings! I like the shapes seen & the girih tiles! @TheErickLee cc @peterjameslu year 40 weeks ago
@peterjameslu Great talk Sunday at Dorsky! I could have listened to your research all day. Thank you for coming to NYC! — 1 year 42 weeks ago
#Girih years 1 week ago
Girih Tiles: Decagonal Geometry in Seljuq Architecture, Metropolitan Museum of Art lecture: via @YouTube2 years 2 weeks ago
@peterjameslu thanks for visiting! Enjoyed talks #Quasicrystals in #IslamicArt & Universal #Gelation of #Particles years 10 weeks ago
Excellent Colloquium by @peterjameslu at the MPIPKS, "Modern math in medieval islamic architecture", more at years 35 weeks ago
@peterjameslu Peter!!! I am wondering what your insights might be on the topic of Vortex Based mathematics ?? — 4 years 3 days ago
@CNN wrongly claims #StarWarsEpisodeVII is first #MillenniumFalcon seen since 1983; appears in 2005 #ROTS @hankscnn4 years 2 weeks ago
Quasicrystals in Medieval Islamic Architecture from @peterjameslu years 8 weeks ago
Congrats to #StefanHell for winning #nobelprize2014 in chemistry! Hosted me 10 yrs ago as grad student for my 6th invited talk. — 4 years 9 weeks ago
Eating a pile of oysters and clams, in the middle of a hurricane, watching Brazil in #WorldCup2014 Cup. Just another Boston #4thofJuly! — 4 years 23 weeks ago

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